Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Within the chaos of the city, I hear nuttin' but da music.

I finished this piece Sunday night and I must say that I'm totally hyped up about it! I'm preparing to do an album cover for my hommie Black Ceaser and this Illustration is like a prelude to it. I'm going back to my Illustration roots and just basically "get crunk" by mixing media within my work. I think by limiting myself to just drawing comics the traditional way I forgot about the stuff I used to do before. I feel that I can just "go off" and really freak some crazy art out! It's on now!!!

Crazy self-portrait!

Just a goofy self-portrait of myself in some crazy get-up! I'm loving the energy and freedom of the way that I'm working right now! It feels really good! I've been playin' ALOT of JET SET RADIO FUTURE lately and the style and feel of the game has subconciously been seeping into my artwork. It's a good thing. I can honestly say that it is my favorite video game OF ALL TIME! I might color this joker and use it as a image for a business card.

Ball Point Ink Sketches!

These are some really quick ball point ink sketches done at work when the department is slow. I LOVE sketching with ink pens because you can't erase. I forces you not to waste lines and in return you can crank out some cool sketches with alot of energy, flexibility, and passion. One day I'm gonna try to do a short comic story with some cheap ink pens!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Seqa lab logo art!

Thanks to Professor Jeremy Mullins and Department Chairman Dave Duncan for giving me the opportunity to do this design for the SEQALAB podcast site. If you have not checked out the podcast check it out now! www.seqalab.com! Here me rant and rave about comics with my hommies! It is also on Itunes too! Go to the arts section and type in seqalab! Leave some comments! Friday's podcast will be my last in savannah because I'm movin' back to Louisiana, so check it out! Peace!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bringing the Flat-Top back!! Rock Bottom Blues Alphonse Design!

Let me introduce yall to Alphonse, the main character of Rock Bottom Blues, the next comic I'm gonna work on. He works at a place called Value-Mart, knows martial arts, and is having a BAD day! It's gonna be crazy!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bring Da Pain Jermaine!!! Mini Comic!!

This is my second mini comic that was made in time for Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC. It's is totally crazy!!! I have plans to finish this lil' gem and I definitely want to push it further artwise, but for now this is it!! Holla if ya want one!!! They are goin' fast!!!

It's goin' down ......mini comic/art book!

This was my first mini comic/artbook created for Megacon last March. I still have some copies left...holla if you want one! It has some crazy Illustrations in it and my Devil Kitty and Violent Amphibious Beaver Boy story in it! Very dope stuff!!!

hip hop-calypse! Hip Hop inspired art!

Can't seem to let my love for the art form go! Man..... I love Hip Hop!! This is some new stuff that I did these past couple of days......just tryin' to experiment with line quality and really cut loose since I have nothin' holdin me back anymore.....I like pushin' myself and trying some different stuff....there is ALOT of wack Hip Hop out there (mainstream), but there is a TON of dope stuff too!!! LONG LIVE THE UNDERGROUND!!! If you are out there rhymin' ....KEEP YA HEAD UP, STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF, and FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN!!!! PEACE!!!!!!

New stuff!!

Wow, it's really been a while since I last posted......so much has happened since December......two mini comics.....three cool conventions.......graduation.....and more illustrations. I'm gonna try to stay on top of this posting stuff as much as I can....but for now enjoy the pics.... and if anyone wants mini comics.....holla at me!