Monday, December 17, 2007

One Dreadlock Boy : Hot dancin' shoes!!!!

One Dreadlock Boy, his cute lil' shinobi girlfriend Koo-no-chi, and Lil' Dope Dragon Emcee are breakin' it down on the dance floor!! Enjoy!!

Manusia Kecoa the Cockroach Man!!!

This is my rendition of the obscure Indonesian superhero Manusia Kecoa. Two of the villians Mr.Sam (top center) and the Garbage Man (bottom center) are actual villians from the series. They didn't have any pictures of Mr. Sam or the Garbage Man on the net, so I created these original designs for them. The other villians the Bumble Bee Thugz, Mr. Raid, and the Butta Fly Sam'rai are all original villians created by yours truly! Oh, and the cute lil' baby too!!

One Dreadlock Boy poster!!!

The ultimate One Dreadlock Boy poster!!! Enjoy the craziness!!