Saturday, September 15, 2007


Yo! Whats up peeps!! It has been a couple a days since I posted, but I got a new one for ya....MAD BROTHA SAMURAI!!! This is a T-shirt design for my hommie, the dope mega producer/emcee KADI BOY. He originally wanted afro samurai fightin' ninjas in a bamboo forest, but I said, DAMN THAT!!! I'LL DRAW SOMETHIN' WWWWAAAAYYYYYY MORE DOPER THAN THAT........AND BAM!! BOOM!! POW!! MAD BROTHA SAMURAI IS BORN!!! ITS LIKE JUBEI YAGYU MEETS BIG GIPP FROM DA GOODIE MOB!!! GGGRRRRRHHHHHH!!!! YALL 'AINT READY!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Magical Girl Salia!!!!

This is a drawing I did my my friend's niece Salia. I really enjoyed the two hours I spent drawing this piece. It's probably the CUTEST drawing that I have ever done...and damn near the simplest! It has a fun, childish, charm about it.....I really like this piece a lot!! I'm giving the original to Salia.....I don't give away originals, Salia .....YOU ARE SPECIAL!!! Also, the original has a word balloon with Salia saying ,"Yay!! I can fly!!" I erased it in photoshop for this version........but, all in all, I'm glad the image came out well, and her aunt Jackie was pleased...............thank God!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Kadi Boi Records!!!

Yo check the link on the left to peep my hommie Brandon's beats and songs. He's got some dope stuff comin' out and is still actively pushin' me outta rap retirement. I gotta finish writing verses for two songs and then your boy fleetwood is going to be back in da studio! We gonna peep out da scene around Savannah and see if there are any venues that support our style of Hip Hop (Backpackin' real shit, and not that foolishness that has black folks lookin' like damn fools!), so I'll keep ya posted on my progress with that. PEACE!!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bandit Gurl: Survivin' Da Apocalypse!!!

This was an test, or better yet an experimental drawing I did before I started on the Lil' Warlocks
pages. It was supposed to be a t-shirt design, but I got carried away with the little details. I might create a short story for this bad sista, and if you are familiar with how I write, then U KNOW HOW IT'S GOIN' DOWN!! Sprinkle a lil' Pam Grier....add a lil' Meiko Kaji... and BANG!! Now you've got Bandit Gurl!! (Sigh) Too many ideas...not enough time!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Enta Da Ninja!!!!!

Yo, this is the design for my selfcentral agent I.D tag! I had alot of fun designing myself as a rappin', comic book drawin' ninja! Check out the killer "bling" and the gigantic microphone on my back!! AWESOME 'AINT IT!!! For those of you wondering what selfcentral is ....well I can't tell you much ( cause the bomb they implanted in my skull will explode) is a group of sequential art grad students at the Savannah College of Art and Design that have come together to collectively wreak havoc on the mundane comic book industry. You can visit the blog at

P.S: Just to let you know.... I'm not talkin' 'bout the ladies....I'M TELLIN' DA HATERS TO KICK ROCKS!!! PEACE!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Da Lil' Warlocks are coming!!!

Here is a preview pic from my upcoming children's book entitled "Da Lil' Warlocks: Cat-tastrophe!!!" It is gonna be the greatest thing since HOT RUNNIN' WATER!!!! Mischief, mayhem, magic, cute lil' kids, a giant police robot, a giant snowman snowcat with awesome martial arts skills, and.....THE SUPER SOUL BROTHER STRIKE SQUAD!!!! THE KIDS ARE GONNA LOVE IT ( and most adults too)!!! ITS GONNA BE CRAZY!!!! YALL AIN'T READY!!!

Aside from all that hype (lol) I saw the Halloween remake with some of my boys from work. It was really good. I like Rob Zombie, and it seems like he is growing as a director. If you like a good ol' slasher flick check it out! I had a blast!

Oh yeah! More than likely I'm gonna come out of my rap retirement of 3 years. My hommie Brandon gave me three dope beats that I'm still vibing to. When I record, I'll post them up to download on this blog to download for your listening pleasure.