Monday, September 3, 2007

Da Lil' Warlocks are coming!!!

Here is a preview pic from my upcoming children's book entitled "Da Lil' Warlocks: Cat-tastrophe!!!" It is gonna be the greatest thing since HOT RUNNIN' WATER!!!! Mischief, mayhem, magic, cute lil' kids, a giant police robot, a giant snowman snowcat with awesome martial arts skills, and.....THE SUPER SOUL BROTHER STRIKE SQUAD!!!! THE KIDS ARE GONNA LOVE IT ( and most adults too)!!! ITS GONNA BE CRAZY!!!! YALL AIN'T READY!!!

Aside from all that hype (lol) I saw the Halloween remake with some of my boys from work. It was really good. I like Rob Zombie, and it seems like he is growing as a director. If you like a good ol' slasher flick check it out! I had a blast!

Oh yeah! More than likely I'm gonna come out of my rap retirement of 3 years. My hommie Brandon gave me three dope beats that I'm still vibing to. When I record, I'll post them up to download on this blog to download for your listening pleasure.


Rashad said...

can't wait to see this children's book!

and i'm not sure how i got the links up, just keep messing with it.

KadiBoyInc. said...

Yeah. I'm so sick with the beats and the rhymes right now. Tha.... excuse me (cough)......(cough)......alright I'm back. That you have no choice BUT to come out of retirement. Haha

imfamous pidgeon said...

you old @ss bastard!
children book my arse!
your nephews/nieces are gonna
say "unc slim book sucks donkey!"
you better stay in retirement!
these new cats gonna whup yo @ss
into a deep slumber with they
lazy word play and no vocabic
thought proceses!!!hahahahahah

The Notorious N.A.T !!! said...

These new cats 'aint ready!!! My book is gonna unite the children of the world!!!!

Trashawn said...

hey cuz,
i like the blog. you know i'm a blogstalker. now i can stalk your blog too. brendon and i saw halloween this weekend too. can you believe he saw it. that dude was scared, but he liked it. he followed me around all night long. but it was good.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, this is going to be good! Keep me updated and keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

and ignore the infamous pidgeon, he's an @rsehole.

The Notorious N.A.T !!! said...

Trashawn, I can't believe Brendan sat through that!!!!!

The Notorious N.A.T !!! said...

Oh and glad to hear from ya Big Nic....and yes... that "old bird" is crazy(lol)!!!!